Watch the Holderness Family Nae-Nae Their Way Through Thanksgiving Day (VIDEO)

holdernessIt just wouldn't be a holiday without a new music video from the Holderness family (stars of such hits as "XMAS Jammies" and "Baby Got Class"). And this Thanksgiving, the adorably creative clan didn't stop at spoofing just one song -- they made an "Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashup" featuring hits from Adele, Drake and Silentó!


Adding new family-specific lyrics, the Holderness family managed to turn "Hello," "Hotline Bling" and "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" into a combination anthem any exhausted and holiday-addled parent can relate to. Check it out:

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Watch me sip my chardonay-nay indeed! Okay, how funny is the dad during the jello part though?? Something about that guy's face just cracks me up. (And even though I've managed to avoid jello molds for most of my adult life, just the sight of that thing brings back so many traumatic childhood memories.) And the whole cooking-since-4:30-thing? Preach, Holderness mom! What is UP with that? Why can't everybody just eat dinner at a reasonable hour on Thanksgiving, like 9 p.m.?

Anyway. At least the Holderness family feels our pain!


Image via The Holderness Family/YouTube

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