Elementary School Tells Blind 7-Year-Old Cane Is a Safety Hazard

Walking cane for the blind

Lily-Grace Hooper is a 7-year-old girl who's navigating the world the best way she knows how. Her mom, Kristy Hooper, wants to know why Lily-Grace's elementary school refuses to let a blind student use a cane.


According to Kristy, officials at the Hambrook Primary School in England, think Lily-Grace's walking cane is a safety risk to others. As an alternative, they reportedly suggest the young girl use assistance from an adult, handrails, and of course, walk with caution.

Um, okay...

This 7-year-old has been through so much in her life, that you have to wonder why others want to make things harder. Lily-Grace became blind shortly after suffering from a stroke, just days after she was born (she also has cerebral palsy). After failed attempts of finding decent walking support, the 7-year-old has experienced great success with a more lightweight, and slightly longer cane she was given by Common Sense Cane, an organization that offers canes to blind children throughout the United Kingdom.

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In a statement to The Huffington Post, officials at Hambrook Primary School claim they haven't banned the walking cane from school ... but simply say Lily-Grace -- sorry, "the student" -- shouldn't use it around school, until they speak with the parent. 

Kristy says Lily-Grace's school has yet to contact her.


What a sad situation. I don't even know where to begin. Does this elementary school not realize in their efforts to "protect everyone else," they're discriminating? Are people really fearing for their safety ... because a little blind girl has a cane? Do these same people rush to the opposite side of the street whenever they see a blind person coming?

Look, I'm all for safety, but think this is more than a stretch. There are plenty of students throughout schools who are able to navigate the halls with a cane. Making someone rely on help to get to and from class teaches nothing about independence.

Hopefully they can resolve this.




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