Man Learns He's Gonna Be A Grandpa Playing 'Whisper Challenge' (Video)

Hilarious game masks cute pregnancy announcement

Alexa Goolsby and her husband Drew are having a baby. Instead of shouting "we're pregnant!" from the rooftops, the couple decided to have a little fun with Alexa's parents. This guessing game pregnancy announcement is too hilarious for words. Get ready to laugh.


Alexa and Drew are fans of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and thought "The Whisper Challenge" game -- where players have to try and guess what someone is saying by reading lips -- would be perfect for their reveal. Equipping Alex's parents with headphones, Sharla and Robert had to pay close attention to learn this sweet family announcement.

"Keep saying it. Keep saying," urged Robert.

Mom caught on right away, but as for Dad, he needed some extra time.

"I'm a father."


"A great father."

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LOL! I had to watch this video a few times. It's sooo funny. How freaking cute is this grandfather-to-be? If it wasn't for his son-in-law stepping in, this family would still be playing this game, haha. Robert's disbelief is really cute.

Yes, they're talking to you!

Robert, you are the grandfather.

Pregnancy announcements like this are quite unique, and help create beautiful memories. Great idea picking this game, Alexa snd Drew.

Haha, I think I need to watch this one more time.



Image via Alexa Goolsby/YouTube

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