Mom's Angry Letter to Quarterback Cam Newton About End Zone Dance Backfired ... Big-Time

Cam NewtonCarolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had a hell of a game this past Sunday. Beating the Tennessee Titans on their own field, Cam's team now sits pretty at 9-0 thus far. Such a feat would be reason for anyone to celebrate, but not for Rosemary Plorin. This Tennessee mom wrote Cam a letter about his end zone dance, and how he needs to be a better role model.


Now Mom is making headlines -- and let's just say folks aren't in her corner.

The letter Rosemary addressed to Cam Newton was published in The Charlotte Observer, and just waayy too long. To sum it up, she was disappointed in Cam's end zone celebration (Newton did steps from an Atlanta dance called "Dab on them folks"), because it promoted "taunting" and "pelvic thrusts." A fan of the Titans, Rosemary attended the game with her 9-year-old daughter -- whom, she claims, thought Cam was acting like a "spoiled brat."

"I guess he doesn’t have kids or a mom at home watching the game," Plorin claims her fourth-grade daughter said on the ride home.

Really? A 9-year-old was so distraught at a harmless touchdown dance ... and not the fact that the Titans lost, 27-10 to the Panthers?

With all that's going on in the world, and the endless amount of professional football players in hot water for beating women, you have to wonder why the heck this mom thinks Cam Newton's dance was so horrific. Okay, you don't have to like it, but why go out of your way to question if the man has kids, and tell him how to be a role model (oh yes, Plorin's letter included what Cam needs to do on his off-season -- including make appearances and support charities)?

Too bad this Tennessee mom didn't know that Cam's 16-year-old brother, Caylin, inspired him to switch up his end zone dance game. So, ma'am, Cam doesn't have kids just yet, but he is proud of his family -- including his mother, for whom he promised to earn his college degree ... which he did this year.

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Plus, did Rosemary step out for a hot dog and miss Titans linebacker Avery Williamson doing one of Drake's many "Hotline Bling" dances after sacking Newton?

Is that not a form of taunting?


Look, I don't need to say anything crazy about Rosemary. Mom is already getting enough backlash over her comments, from all ends.

As parents, we need to think about the message we want to teach our children. Yes, there are bound to be things in life that aren't great for them to try, or to follow. And yes, Rosemary is entitled to her opinion. Let's just not make snap judgments about who is and isn't a role model based off a dance. Let's also be careful with our own words and quick ability to scold others.

Just as I'm sure you don't want to be judged as a mother by people based on a snippet they see, let's remember not to do the same to other people, 'kay?

And please don't write me a long letter. Yes, I'm married and have two kids -- but I also have been known to "Hit the quad," and try to keep up in steps with my younger sister whenever the mood strikes.


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