Toddler Found Near Death After Being Left Alone for Days in Her Crib (VIDEO)

 A Tennessee toddler is in intensive care after being left alone in her crib for several days following the sudden death of her grandmother.


Annette Ineichen had been taking care of 15-month-old Brier Rose while her daughter Tracy Ineichen is serving time in jail. 

Here's the heartbreaking report.

Tracy got worried when she hadn't heard from her mother. Panicked, she called her boyfriend Anthony Waldo to check in on them.

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He found Annette dead on the bathroom floor and Brier crying in her crib in pretty bad shape -- dehydrated and malnourished. Reports say she died of a "medical issue" and that the baby had been left alone for at least three days. Three days.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Brier and already raised several hundred dollars.

Tracy's quick thinking saved her baby's life. But unfortunately, that's about the only good news in this story. Tracy not only just lost her mother, but now the Tennessee Department of Children's Services is involved and will have to look for some other place for Brier to stay until her mother's release.

Brier and kids like her are often stuck right along with their mothers in the criminal justice system. In fact, it's estimated that 2.7 million kids in the Unites States have at least one parent currently incarcerated. And since 1991 the number of kids who have a mother locked up in prison has more than doubled even though women are far more often convicted on non-violent crimes

It's a terribly sad situation for Brier and millions of kids like her. We're glad she's safe, for now. And hope she's reunited with her mother very soon.


Image via WATE-TV

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