Transgender Man Gives Birth to a Daughter & Is Still in Shock (PHOTO)

The ColemansWhen it comes to family, there are so many layers that it's hard to classify it as anything ... except family. Kayden Coleman continues to make headlines for his remarkable story of becoming pregnant during his transition from woman to man.


Obviously, it's not every day that you hear about a transgender man with a baby on the way, but that's what happened to Kayden.

Beginning his transition a decade ago, Kayden was still working on gender reassignment when he stopped taking hormones for over a month, in order to have a double mastectomy. Kayden has been married to his husband, Elijah Coleman, since 2013, and it was that same year that Kayden was completely dumbfounded to discover he was 21 weeks pregnant.

The couple would go on to have a beautiful daughter, Azaelia, who's now 22 months -- but not before experiencing a few hardships. For starters, Kayden endured some serious labor that lasted four days (yikes!). And if that wasn't horrible, he suffered postpartum depression for a year.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, with many pages still being written. The couple documents their life on The Shady Colemans with moments that are both funny and honest.

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Kayden and Elijah haven't told Azaelia about their special story, and I understand. She and my firstborn son are the same age (both born in January 2014). I have a tough enough time as is trying to keep his attention -- let alone, trying to have a serious talk with an almost-2-year-old. With time, I'm sure these dads will have a sit-down with their daughter, when they feel it's appropriate.

To say the Colemans' story is unique is an understatement. In a time when many are walking in their truth -- and having a fearlessness to do so in public -- it's good to know that Kayden and Elijah have a following of supporters who offer encouraging words.


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