Lego Creates Simple Solution to Stepping on Pesky Building Blocks (PHOTO)

Plastic building blocksSome will never know the meaning of pain until they step on a Lego. Why children leave them on the floor like mini land mines, we will never know. Hoping to keep our feet free and clear of excruciating pain are Lego slippers, which promise protection from those evil building blocks.


There's no easy way to word this. Stepping on plastic Legos can be a real bitch. No matter how hard you try to look out for them on the floor, they always have a way of popping up -- stabbing you in the perfect spot, which makes you scream bloody murder.

Well, now it seems like Lego and Brand Station (an advertising company in France) want to do something about it. Their limited-edition Lego slippers come with extra padding that will hopefully keep your feet free of these building blocks.

Apparently, only 1,500 pairs of the slippers will be produced. Those who complete a wish list on the Lego France website have a chance of being randomly selected as a winner.

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I think they're cute.

Obviously, wearing padded slippers could help protect your feet from unruly Legos, but these look fun. I'm sure fans of the brand would love to score a pair, as they'd make awesome stocking stuffers.



Image via Nenov Brothers Images/shutterstock

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