Father & Son's Interview After Paris Attacks Will Move You to Tears (VIDEO)

Father and son in Paris give heartfelt interview after attacksAs a parent, there are certain realities you desperately try to shield your child from, in order to protect their innocence. No little one should ever have to see bloodshed, and other unthinkable acts. Sadly, that's the world we live in, as many across the globe face horrific situations on a daily basis. This interview of a father and son discussing the Paris attacks shows hope, in a time of tragedy.


"France is our home."

You can tell this French dad was trying to find the right words that would help his little garçon try to grasp the recent attacks in Paris that claimed at least 129 lives. He spoke with a reporter from Le Petit Journal of Canal Plus, and it's quite apparent Dad didn't want his little boy's focus to be on guns or fear.

Rather than focus on the bad guys, this father took a different approach -- one filled with love and hope.

Yes, the people involved are really, really mean. Yes, they're very bad. Obviously flowers and candles can't physically stop a gun, but this father's response did give his son the comfort he needed at the time, and was able to understand.

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You don't have to be a parent to realize, when it comes to humanity, this world needs to push the reset button. There has got to be a way for us to live together -- regardless of the opinions and beliefs that may separate us -- without killing one another. The safety of our children is at stake.

My heart breaks for Paris, just as my heart mourns for those in war-torn countries who deal with these extreme acts on the regular. We have got to get to a place of peace, that allows us to shift our focus from death, guns, and bombs, so we can finally stop and smell the flowers.




Image via Jeje125/YouTube

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