Dad Creates Hilarious 'Too Soon for Christmastime' Parody (VIDEO)

When it comes to enjoyment, do you ever feel like the holidays closer to the end of the year are more of a fast-food or wine-and-dine experience? Jon Murray of the vlog The Murrays thinks so. The dad of three (he and his wife are expecting) created this super fun parody about celebrating Christmas early.


Is it "Too Soon for Christmastime"?

Reimagining the OneRepublic hit "Apologize," Jon's video shows how crazy it looks to celebrate Christmas early -- including passing out holiday treats for Halloween.

"Serving Christmas cups, and making peppermint mochas too. And everyone's buying them, when it's 82."

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I'll admit, I'm still trying to get through Hocus Pocus and all the Friday the 13th movies on my DVR from Halloween. I barely have an idea about what I plan to make for Thanksgiving -- so it's pretty safe to say Christmas isn't on my mind at this exact moment.

There are, however, tons of reasons why so many might feel the need to get their Clark Griswold on in September, or earlier. Maybe they have a loved one in the military who won't be here during the holidays. Maybe they plan to travel, and want to enjoy holiday lights before they take off for their destination. Or ... maybe they just love Christmas so much, they're too excited not to dust off the box of decorations.

I don't know.

Look, if you want to celebrate Christmas in July, by all means, do it. Personally, my family cuts our tree at the local farm (it's so much fun) a few weeks before Christmas -- and shops for last-minute decorations when things are 50 percent off in stores.

It would be nice to have a breather between holidays, but what can you do?



Image via The Murrays/YouTube

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