6-Year-Old Boy With 4 Sisters Isn't Too Happy With Parents' Pregnancy Reveal (PHOTO)

Boy with four sisters finds out another is one the wayFinding out you're pregnant can be a very joyous time in a family's life. Some decide to find out the baby's gender, and others will wait until the delivery room. No matter what Laura and Andrew did, nothing would prepare their son, Matthew, for what's to come. This hilarious photo of the 6-year-old boy finding out another sister is coming is too funny for words.


In case you can't tell where this is going, Matthew doesn't seem overjoyed to have another girl in the house -- and that's probably because he has four sisters.

Andrew and Laura have been keeping pretty busy. They have Matthew, 6, Natalie, 4, and triplets, AnneMarie, Catherine, and Elizabeth, 2. Baby number six is due in May.

There's always room for another princess ... right?

This little guy just found out that he's getting a fifth sister!!

Posted by Life of Dad on Friday, November 13, 2015

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I kinda feel bad for Matthew, but hope he can (eventually) find happiness about having a fifth sister. Sure, the girls might take over the bathroom -- and possibly have never-ending school dramas to scream about -- but there are some positives to so many women in the house. Plus, it's not like they can't do "boy activities" with you.

It'll be okay, Matthew!



Image via Life of Dad/Facebook

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