Groundbreaking Moschino Ad Proves Barbie Isn't Just for Girls (VIDEO)

boy in barbie adIf your son enjoys playing with dolls, whether it's on his own or with his sisters, he may have felt a bit self-conscious about choosing tulle skirts over trucks. Well, that all changes now thanks to the commercial for Moschino Barbie, which features an adorable boy having fun with the glamorous doll.


This ad has already garnered over 130,000 views on YouTube and heaps of praise from men who are thrilled to see one of their favorite childhood playthings leap into the 21st century with this gender-neutral move.

This incredibly cute boy (who's really rockin' his Flock of Seagulls 'do) says this Barbie is "fierce" and she is, with her accompanying exclusive eight-piece ready-to-wear Moschino collection.

Barbie has definitely been in transition lately, as Mattel has been working to make the doll more hip and relevant. Not only did the formerly blonde bombshell rock some dreadlocks earlier this year, but she also eschewed her heels for flats. (Smart move!)

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With this ad coming out just before holiday shopping gets in full swing, it's got to be a relief for moms and dads of young boys who enjoy playing with what are traditionally considered "girl" toys. 

Parents want playtime to be a fun way for kids to use their imaginations and express themselves. If they're made to feel shame for wanting to play with something outside the "norms," that really defeats the whole purpose. 

Good for the toy maker for removing the stigma that often surrounds the idea of "boys playing with dolls." This is exciting for any child wanting to put the fashion-forward doll on his or her wish list! 

Images via Moschino Official/YouTube

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