9-Year-Old Boy Writes Love Note to Classmate & Gets Threatened With Sexual Harassment Charges

9-Year-old threatened with sexual harassment for sending classmate a love noteThese days, we need to be careful with our actions, and also our words. A 9-year-old boy could face sexual harassment charges for love notes he wrote to a classmate, which makes you wonder if such a punishment is extreme for a sweet gesture.


The boy's mother (both his and his mom's identities are being kept secret) wants to know why her son's school in Tampa, Florida, is taking things to the extreme. Looking at the note, the 9-year-old simply compliments his crush on how her eyes "sparkle like diamonds." There's also something in there about "sloppy hair" and being cute because of a smile.

Sadly, things took a turn for the uncomfortable when the fourth-grade boy was teased by his classmates for writing the note, with their even implying that he wanted to see his crush naked. Well, of course that didn't sit well with the girl -- who was already frustrated she received multiple love letters -- or the school principal, who threatened to file sexual harassment charges if the boy wrote another note.

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Now, I get that Mom might want to have a sit-down with her little Romeo and tell him to cool it, but sexual harassment? That's a little much for a love note.

Perhaps the focus should be on these fourth graders who not only picked on this little boy, but also started the whole "I wanna see you naked" thing. At least to me, it would be a different story if the 9-year-old took a "hey girl" approach and added something in there about watching Netflix and chilling in the sheets somewhere. Even then, charging a fourth grader with sexual harassment is crazy to me. Yes, we need to talk to our children about boundaries, but sheesh.

At least little dude should get some credit for not sending a text or email. These days, it seems ancient to even write something down on paper, let alone a love note.



Image via KFOR-TV/NewsChannel 4

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