Dad Redefines #SquadGoals With $48 Million Diamond Ring for 7-Year-Old Daughter (PHOTO)

Dad buys daughter $48 million blue diamondA father's love for his daughter knows no bounds -- and, apparently, no price either. Billionaire Joseph Lau is a proud dad who bought his 7-year-old daughter a $48.5 million diamond ring at Sotheby's in Geneva, Switzerland. Boasting 12.03 carats, little Josephine Lau's sparkling gift set the international record for any diamond -- let alone jewel -- sold at an auction.


And if that doesn't blow your mind, wait until you hear this: Papa Joe also picked up a pink diamond at Christie's for his little girl the night before. So, what was the cost of that bad beauty, you ask?

$28.5 million.

I guess these jewels will look great next to the $9.5 million blue diamond Josephine got from her papa a few years ago.

The 12.03-carat Blue Moon Diamond just sold for US$48.5m, a new world record for any diamond & any jewel at auction

Posted by Sotheby's on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Yeah, that's a big diamond all right ...

Can Oprah borrow a dollar? This is ultra-rich status that's just ... unimaginable. I guess when your net worth is reportedly over $10 billion, you have the luxury of just buying whatever you want for your kid -- even if she happens to be a 7-year-old.

Here I am thinking I'm going to spoil my sons because I just spent a lot at H&M Kids -- and then I read this. Obviously people have the right to do whatever they want with their coins, but this isn't a few bills we're talking about here. Little Josephine has ... over $86 million in diamonds.

Does this dad have any clue what type of expectation this will set for any person who tries to marry his daughter? Will Joseph be okay with a future suitor coming to him for a private loan? Because you know that suitor won't be able to top these rings.

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As hard as I try not to be dumbfounded at this news, I have to wonder if there's a reason why Joseph is blinging out his daughter with these pricey diamonds. Could it be that he's trying to pass on wealth to his little girl, in the event of an unforeseen financial event? Joseph was already convicted on corruption charges in Macau -- but dodged jail time, thanks to no extradition -- so there might be more to this story.

I just hope these diamonds aren't sitting in some toy box somewhere.

Man, $86.5 million could've definitely helped refugees, and so many other people suffering around the world. Wait, let me not judge. I don't know this man's charitable contributions.

... But $86.5 million, though?!

I truly hope little Josephine will grow up to know the value of a dollar.



Image via Sotheby's/Facebook

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