Dad's 'Godzilla' Remake Takes Playful Spin on Toddler Tantrums (VIDEO)

Godzilly - Godzilla parody viral videoShe's coming! Time to take cover, and hide under the bed ... "Godzilly" is in town. William Zilliox created this awesome Godzilla video, inspired by his toddler daughter's tantrums. Doesn't little Patricia look cute, even if she happens to terrorize Tokyo in the process?


"Godzilly: King of the Daughters" is an awesome video that pokes fun at the harsh realities that come with the territory of being a parent. As cute and lovable as toddlers are, they can also flip the switch on you -- often kicking, screaming, and crying at the drop of a hat (or toy).

William and his wife (they're also expecting another baby; congrats!) are all too familiar with toddler tantrums, thanks to Patricia. After a "performance," William, who also happens to be a professional camera operator, decided to make things more entertaining. Insert Patricia, a tot-sized Godzilla costume, a cardboard city, and an army, desperate to stop this adorable terror. Even the family dog gets in on the action.

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Can you imagine the memories Patricia will have, thanks to Dad and his creative genius? This is such a cute video that's full of creativity.

I wish I had the knowledge to make stuff like this.

Awesome job, Dad!



Image via SillySocks/YouTube

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