Parents Consider Taking Away 10-Year-Old Daughter's Christmas for Stealing

Parents threaten daughter's Christmas because she stealsIs taking away your kid's Christmas because she steals a justifiable punishment? That's what one Australian mom wants to know, as she and her husband have no idea how to get through to their 10-year-old daughter. Apparently she can't stop stealing money for lollipops -- and she doesn't have a ton of electronics or watch much TV for her parents to take anything away.



She does play a sport, but taking that away isn't up for discussion.

Hoping to remain anonymous, the 10-year-old girl's mother sent her question to the School Mum Facebook page for feedback. Mom feels her husband's desire to not give their tween Christmas presents would send a strong message to her and her siblings about stealing, but she is uncertain if it's too harsh.

Needless to say, Mom's question was quite the topic of discussion, as some thought taking away Christmas was extreme -- and others considered it public shaming.

A School Mum has asked: 'I am after some thoughts about a punishment for our 10 1/2 yo daughter. She has been caught...

Posted by School Mum on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taking away Christmas does sound awful (just ask the residents of Whoville), especially because of some lollipops. Stealing, of any kind, is really bad, but there have to be other alternatives these parents can consider. Just thinking about my siblings opening up presents and jumping for joy in their pajamas as I sit off to the side seems a little much ... but maybe I'm wrong.

With the holiday over a month away, it sounds like they might want to find a suitable punishment they can enforce now. Volunteering. Extra chores. Cease sports participation for a week. Donate a toy or monetary amount, similar to what she stole, to children in need.

I don't know, just trying to think about other ideas here.

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From the sound of things, Mom and Dad have had past conversations about stealing -- seeing as this 10-year-old is a "repeat offender" -- but I wonder if they asked why she feels the need to do so. Is she trying to keep up with her peers in any way? Maybe stealing will lead to a bigger issue than trying to score a cherry sucker.

I don't know why this 10-year-old doesn't have access to electronics, but that decision isn't ours to make. Maybe the parents can't afford them, or maybe they don't want her life to be cluttered with so much stuff.

Hopefully they can figure out a solution before the jolly fat guy gets here.



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