Mom Wants to Know Why School Nurse Sent Her 6-Year-Old Son Back to Class With Concussion

6-Year-old with concussion told by school nurse to go back to classParents never want to get a call from school telling them their child's been hurt. Samantha Edward is one of those moms, who wants to know why her son's school nurse sent the 6-year-old to class with a concussion.


Jamal Cloman was enjoying a game of football during recess at Bonham Elementary School in Houston, Texas, when he ran into a pole. During his visit with the school nurse, the 6-year-old was given a look over and an ice pack and was sent on his way (Jamal claims the nurse told him to "shut up, and go back to class").

Something obviously didn't sit right with Jamal's teacher, as the first grader was sent back to the nurse -- where it was later decided to give mom Samantha a call.

It doesn't take much to imagine Samantha's reaction when she saw her 6-year-old boy. With Jamal slurring his words and "out of it," Samantha made the decision to take her son to the hospital. After an MRI, doctors determined Jamal had a concussion and major eye damage -- with bones broken around his eye.


While certain injuries do take time to develop, you have to wonder why Jamal's teacher was able to spot something was wrong. I don't know what prompted the decision to take him out of class, but I am thankful this first grader was able to finally get the medical attention he needed.

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Concussions can be very scary -- especially in little kids. For parents, it's quite terrifying to think something like this could happen at school -- and go unnoticed. While the Houston Independent School District says the nurse followed proper concussion protocol, it's a bit odd to me that two adults had an inkling there was something more going on with Jamal that a simple ice pack couldn't heal.

Obviously, the answer isn't an automatic trip to the emergency room for every injury. Can you imagine how many kids get a cut or scrape on the playground? Yet, I have to wonder if there's something more that could be done for concussion scares. The CDC recommends school nurses monitor the child in question for at least 30 minutes and give his or her parent a heads-up there was a head injury. Had it not been for Jamal's teacher who sent him back to the school nurse, it doesn't seem Mom would've been notified at all.

Good grief...



Image via ABC 13 Eyewitness News

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