Student Solves Absurd Math Problem With Girl Code (PHOTO)

math testIt's important to learn about math -- but it's also important to learn about dating etiquette. Which topic is more crucial to your child's education? If the answer one fourth grader gave to a romance-themed question on her math homework is any indication, it's definitely the latter! 


To be fair, it's a confusing problem that definitely seems out of place on a fourth grade assignment -- all about which teen girls and which teen boys dated and how many times and when -- so we don't blame little Maddy for feeling weird about calculating who Ron's second date was (Louise? Rose?). But she still technically answered the question -- and her answer was so clever, her mom Jenn Morrison Douglas posted a pic to Facebook:

The answer is... girl code?A mom is boasting about her daughter's humorous answer to a fourth grade logic problem....

Posted by Dinner TV on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Preach, Maddy! Girl code is no joke, and the sooner you learn that, the better! Besides, sometimes there's more than one right answer to a given question -- even when that question is part of a fourth grade math homework assignment. Sure, numbers don't lie, but when those numbers are part of a word problem involving the love lives of high school students? Well, that's when the math gets a little fuzzy.

But that's okay -- we're pretty sure Maddy's gonna be just fine navigating life's complex equations.


Image via Bill Selak/Flickr

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