Mom Has Hilarious Words of Advice for Parents at School Drop-Off: Pull Forward! (VIDEO)

jenny on the spotIs there any part of the daily parenting grind more mind-numbingly awful than the morning school drop-off? No matter what the protocol is at your child's particular school, if it involves you and a bunch of other parents driving cars filled with kids who won't look where they're going when they get out of those cars, well, chances are your mornings suck. And you're not alone -- that's why one mom's hilarious rant on the subject is going viral!


Seattle mother-of-three Jenny Ingram has been dropping her kids off at school for a while now (her oldest is in 10th grade), so she's had a lot of experience with the nightmarish traffic jam so many of us navigate every single day -- and she is, as she says, "tired" of the whole thing. So she decided to post a little PSA, if you will, in which she both expresses her frustration with other (thoughtless) kid chauffeurs and pleads with them to do the one thing that'll make drop-off more efficient and less horrifying: PULL FORWARD.


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Ha! What parent can't relate?? As a mom who spends at least 20 minutes every morning banging my head against the steering wheel and wondering, usually aloud, What in the name of God could this person possibly be thinking if they're even thinking at all because CLEARLY THEY'RE NOT, this certainly strikes a chord with me.

So, yeah, parents ... pull forward? Please??


Image via Jenny on the Spot/YouTube

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