6-Year-Old Learns He's Going to Be a Big Brother & We Can't Stop Crying (VIDEO)

6-year-old gets surprise he's going to be a big brotherAnd the award for this year's best pregnancy announcement goes to ... the Dooley family! Jake Dooley might be just a kid, but this 6-year-old's reaction to his mom's pregnancy news is beyond touching. In fact, it will probably move you to tears.


Christmas definitely came early for Jake, as he learned about his growing family on Halloween. With dad Tommy Dooley behind the camera, mom Teresa Dooley took her time to share her baby news with her sweet boy.

Teresa and Tommy experienced complications and loss over the years -- including a stillborn birth. Jake's reaction is so touching that it makes you want to watch this video over and over again.

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Just by looking at this video, I can already tell young Jake has a sweet soul. Aside from the tears streaming down his face, Jake's warm embrace with his mother is so beautiful.

Jake, buddy, you're such a beautiful kid. Congrats on becoming a big brother, as I'm sure you'll take your duties seriously. You can show your younger sibling the ropes on life, cool toys to play with, and how to not get in trouble with Mom and Dad.

Man! This little boy has got me crying something ugly!



Image via Tommy Dooley/YouTube

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