You'll Be Surprised at How Your Children Influence Your Charitable Habits

Charitable givingChildren are often thought to be a parent's source of inspiration throughout life, but did you know that also includes philanthropic efforts? A new study from the Women's Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University's Lilly Family School of Philanthropy reveals parents of only-child girls and firstborn boys give more than others.


It's okay if you think this is very ... specific info.

It is.

The institute took a look at factors -- including number of kids, a parent's relationship status and history, and whether or not children still live at home -- to determine which type of parents are more likely to give to charities.

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It's important to note, this study reflects charitable giving influences among two-parent households, and not single-parent ones.

Based on their findings, researchers determined moms and dads with a firstborn son, or two or more kids, give 14 percent more than people with a daughter who leads the pack of siblings. Parents with a daughter as the only child give 20 percent more than those who have a son for an only child.

Does this sound like your family?

The study also demystifies the areas where parents are likely to give.

Did you know that parents with a son as their firstborn child are more likely to open their wallets to causes pertaining to youth and family services, and education? Moms and dads with a girl for an only child tend to give more to education, and other areas of basic need.

This is very interesting, considering many of us think of ways we, as the parent, can influence our children. You don't really stop to think about the ways a child can influence the parent -- especially when it comes to giving.

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Personally, if I have it, I'll give it. As a mom of two young boys (I guess I would fall into the firstborn boy, and parent of two or more kids categories?), I try to pay it forward as much as possible -- but that doesn't always equate to writing a check. In addition to charitable giving, I also try to focus on giving time that can be just as important.

All in all, I think all anyone can do is his or her best.



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