6-Year-Old's Hilarious Answer to Math Question Goes Viral (PHOTO)

Funny math question response from first-grader goes viralIn case you didn't know it: Kids can be very funny. Most parents would applaud their child for correct answers on tests -- but this first grader's response to a math question is hysterical.


In case you're wondering, 6-year-old Dash got a perfect score on his worksheet -- including a "Wow" on his paper from his teacher. Hey, an honest question asking you to "show your thinking" deserves an honest response.


Dash's mom, Fiona, found his response so entertaining that she couldn't help but share it online. Needless to say, it's quickly become a "mathematical phenomenon," earning over 5.7 million views in just a few days.

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Now before you come for this little boy and wag your finger about being respectful, Fiona says Dash answered the question as honestly as possible. Seeing as the teacher was amused enough to give full credit, let's not get our pocket protectors in a bunch.

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If only we could answer questions like this outside of a first-grade setting. I would have meme stickers ready to go!

Between all the homework children receive these days and common core standards, it's easy to make something extremely simple very complicated. Yes, Dash will eventually need to explain his work, but this was just a funny moment and technically was the right answer.



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