School Adviser Makes 17-Year-Old Girl Swear on a Bible She Isn't Pregnant

17-year-old teen has to swear on Bible to prove she wasn't pregnant to join school club

School officials at Jackson High in Georgia have a lot of explaining to do that goes beyond SAT prep or solving for "X." Tammy Williams isn't happy her teen had to prove she wasn't pregnant to join a club at her high school -- even going as far as having to swear on a Bible.


There are so many things wrong with this picture that go beyond professional integrity and extend into discrimination -- and illegal practice. If a student wants to participate in the Student Government Association (SGA), he or she should be allowed.


Sadly, an adviser at Chasity Norwood's high school didn't get that memo, as she continued to prod the 17-year-old about being pregnant (Chasity says she gained weight over the summer, which makes this all the more inappropriate). You would think that Chasity telling this woman she wasn't with child would be enough -- or the simple fact that a school official should encourage higher excellence and involvement without question -- but it wasn't the case here. Shortly after Chasity paid her dues to join SGA, the same adviser questioned Chasity's faith, and when she found out the answer was Christian, the adviser asked Chasity to swear on the Bible about not being pregnant.

This infuriates me on so many levels, I don't know where to begin. The biggest issue I think anyone will have with this -- aside from this crazy adviser, and the unprofessional hoops she made this girl jump through -- is the lack of resolve! Chasity is still NOT in SGA. And now, this high school senior cannot participate in student government as she's done throughout the years (her dues would now be late ... even though others have reportedly been able to do so without issue), which, coupled with this unthinkable experience, is a sad way to end your final year.

I'm also extremely bothered that any school official would target a child, and go to such extreme lengths to make her prove she isn't pregnant. Let's say she was -- so what? Obviously, Chasity's life would be complicated and turned upside down with a teen pregnancy. The last thing she needs is to get shunned for wanting to continue any academic pursuits. Yes, teen pregnancy shouldn't be glorified, but schools should focus more on providing resources to those who want to finish -- not kick them out of clubs.

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As a Christian (yes, J.C. and I go way back), I'm appalled at this adviser's behavior. What happened to being compassionate? Hell (sorry, Lord), what happened to doing your job? You were dead wrong to make Chasity swear on a Bible -- which, quite frankly, is one of the reasons why so many folks have an issue with religion (sadly, there are people who literally try to beat it into others).

It's disappointing to hear the principal did nothing when Chasity's mother, Tammy, brought the matter to his attention earlier in the school year. Like most who backtrack, he's now "looking into things," though apparently he knew about this mess of a situation months ago.

Chasity, I'm sorry you had to go through this madness. Your senior year is supposed to be a joyous time when you rule the school, take off-campus lunch, and sign up for easy electives. You're not supposed to ever experience such discrimination (I won't even touch the body image issues this could've possibly created) and treatment.

We need to provide a better example for tomorrow's generation.



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