New PSA Beautifully Depicts Real-Life Experiences of Children With Autism (VIDEO)

World of Autism PSAThere's so much we've discovered about autism, and yet, so much we still need to learn. With autism affecting 1 in 68 children, Autism Speaks hopes their new series of PSAs will help parents identify early signs of autism.


Autism Speaks teamed up with BBDO New York and the Ad Council to create these vibrant, beautiful videos that reflect stories from real children with autism.

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"Signs of Autism: Jacob's Story" is an imaginary tale woven in the realities that Jacob, a boy with autism, has faced. The one-minute video illustrates common struggles Jacob experienced -- including sensitivities to light and sound, and feeling uncomfortable at times looking people in the eye.

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I think videos and resources like this can help individuals who don't know much about autism/autism spectrum disorder (ASD) understand the needs of those in this community. Jacob's story was able to visually convey what words might not have been able to express at times -- making it a must-watch for parents, as well as for children who might have a friend or someone they know with autism. While everyone's journey is different and will vary, if there are relatable experiences we can pinpoint along the way, it just might help another family.

The more awareness we have, the more understanding, love, and support we can try to provide to those with autism.




Image via Autism Speaks/YouTube

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