11-Year-Old Boy Gets Killed by Car After Pushing His Little Sister to Safety

Two children holding handsAs parents, we hope our children will look out for one another in our absence -- and that's exactly what La'Darious Wylie did. A Chester, South Carolina, community is mourning the 11-year-old's untimely death, after La'Darious pushed his younger sister out of harm's way before losing his life in a hit-and-run.


La'Darious's mother, Elizabeth McCrorey, is still coming to terms with the unthinkable that took place on October 27. La'Darious and his sister, Sha'Vonta, were waiting for the school bus to pick them up -- just like any other day. Quick thinking allowed La'Darious to lunge into harm's way when he noticed a car heading toward him and Sha'Vonta.

While La'Darious's heroic efforts saved his 7-year-old sister, sadly, he had to give his life to ensure her well-being. This 11-year-old was truly brave in the face of danger, and put his sister's well-being above his own.

Never in a million years did this mom ever think someone would hit her child with a car and continue to drive off -- without care or concern to call for aid. (Michelle Johnson eventually turned herself in, and posted a $25,000 bond. She's being charged with a felony hit-and-run resulting in death). Yet, Elizabeth refuses to allow hate to fill her heart, which speaks volumes.

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A memorial fund for La'Darious Wylie was created, which helped raise over $22,000 in a week for this grieving family.

As a mom, you never think about having to bury your child ... and that's what Elizabeth had to do. With her 11-year-old gone, she hopes La'Darious will live on to help others via organ donation.

My heart breaks for any family that experiences something like this. I truly, truly hope there is peace and comfort during such a difficult time.



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