Toddlers Survive This Horrific Car Crash, Thanks to Car Seats (PHOTOS)

Horrific car accident Nothing can prepare you for the unthinkable, which is why it's so important to do everything in your power to protect your child. An unnamed Florida mother and her two toddlers are safe after an accident mangled her car. If ever there was a need for a discussion on the importance of car seat safety, it's now.


It's extremely difficult to look at these photos and not want to hug your little ones tighter. While details surrounding the three-car accident are still a blur, one thing that's clearly in focus is this vehicle -- and the car seats that helped save the lives of a 16-month-old and 4-year-old child.

Members of the Wakulla County Fire Rescue continue to applaud this Florida mom for making sure her children were properly secured in their car seats.

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Does anyone else find it hard to believe Mom and her toddlers had minor injuries ... from an accident like this?! What a miracle! Thankfully, the kids' car seats provided life-saving protection from the horrifying impact this vehicle received.

A 16 month old and four year old escaped serious injury and possibly worse because their mother took the time to assure...

Posted by Wakulla County Fire Rescue on Saturday, October 31, 2015

There are no words to reiterate how thankful I am this family didn't perish. With an estimated 3 in 4 car seats being installed incorrectly, this mother's incident -- coupled with such a frightening stat -- should make any parent double-check his or her car seats.

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Yes, there's no way to guarantee your car will never be hit with such a crushing impact, but at least we can heed expert warnings and recommendations that, hopefully, will allow us to kiss our children at night.

Child restraint laws will vary by state, though it's recommended children under age 2 should ride in a rear-facing car seat. This Florida mom told officials she had her 16-month-old in a forward-facing car seat, because her child met the manufacturer's recommendations (Florida doesn't mandate children younger than age 2 be rear-facing). The National Highway Safety Administration strongly advocates that parents heed car seat manufacturer height and weight limit recommendations, and check the vehicle manual for installation tips.

As a mother of an almost-2-year-old and a 5-month-old, I found that it took so much for me to look at these photos. You never want to think about your children, or anyone else's kid, involved in a situation like this. One of the things my husband and I did before the birth of our first child was take the car seat to an inspection center, where a certified technician was able to look it over (we also did this with our second child).

I'm beyond grateful this mother and her toddlers are all right -- and hope this unfortunate accident allows for more discussion about car seat safety.



Image via Wakulla County Fire Rescue/Facebook

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