6-Year-Old Superhero Starts 'SuperKind Club' to Inspire Us All to Use Our Powers for Good

SuperKind ClubAfter attending a school assembly about bullying, 6-year-old Eva knew she wanted to make a difference -- and help bring out the superhero in young kids. With the help of her father, Alex Karpman, Eva is working to save the day with SuperKind, personalized kindness cards that help pay it forward.


Eva hopes the SuperKind Club will inspire 100 million kids to make a positive impact in their own communities.

What a cool idea!

The Kickstarter campaign is all about community and using your "powers" for good. Children Young superheroes are tasked with completing all 16 random acts of kindness on the cards they receive -- cards that have their face and name on the front -- before handing it off to another hopeful hero, who will perform the service acts (and hand it to someone else). Participants can place a sticker of the act they completed on a keepsake certificate that shows all their hard work.

While SuperKind sets are available for purchase, those unable to pay can print a personalized PDF of cards, free of charge.

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There's so much to love about this project. I think it's awesome Eva wanted to do something more about bullying, and while SuperKind won't put an end to the hurtful actions of others, it will inspire little ones to think beyond themselves. More importantly, these acts of kindness are something any child can do -- which reiterates how easy it is to "save the day."

It's never too early to teach children the importance of selflessness and helping others. The SuperKind Club looks super fun, with tons of everyday things kids can perform that will hopefully make them see the world a little differently. 

In many ways, all of us can be a superhero -- or villain, for that matter. Who knows, maybe if more kids participate in a club that promotes kindness, others who bully will be interested in joining (just a thought).

Great job for thinking of this, Eva.



Image via Sillywise/Facebook

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