New Book About Transgender Teddy Bear Teaches Kids About Love & Acceptance

Introducing Teddy Children's BookIn case you didn't know, there's great power in crowdfunding. Australian mom Jessica Walton's dream of publishing Introducing Teddy, a transgender children's book, is now a reality -- thanks to generous Kickstarter donations that far exceeded her expectations.


And if receiving over $20,000 (in Australian dollars) isn't amazing, Jessica revealed on the Introducing Teddy Children's Book Facebook page that Bloomsbury plans to publish the book. Bloomsbury Publishing might sound familiar to some, as they helped bring the pages of the Harry Potter books to life.

Introducing Teddy is a cute children's book that follows Errol (named after Jessica's son) and his teddy bear, Thomas. The two are always together having fun, but Errol notices his friend feeling down, which allows Thomas to share with Errol that he's always felt like a girl. With acceptance and love being at the forefront of the story, Errol and Teddy continue their adventures as best friends, without skipping a beat.

Both Jessica and her partner are over the moon that Introducing Teddy will eventually hit shelves (Bloomsbury will publish it in June 2016). Jessica wanted to provide a children's book for their little boy that reflects their family dynamics.

Just a few years ago, Jessica's father came out as transgender to her mom and three siblings. Since his announcement and transition, Jessica's family appears tighter than ever -- living in happiness, and their own truth. It's pretty awesome to see them continue to love and support one another, which is what it's all about.

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It's important to have resources that mirror the diversity in our society -- and what better way to speak to children than beautiful illustrations. I can only imagine how difficult it is to find the words to express yourself, and if Introducing Teddy can help one family maintain love and understanding, more power to the cute teddy bear.

Even if this isn't a story that reflects your immediate family, at least you can use it as a learning tool for others in your inner circle and community.



Image via Introducing Teddy Children's Book/Facebook

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