Train Passenger Wants Pregnant Woman to Prove She Deserves to Sit in Priority Seating

Priority seat signLast time I checked, special seating on public transportation is for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with a small child. You have to wonder why a man confronted an expectant mom about a priority seat, especially when it wasn't his to give up in the first place.


London mum-to-be Raayan Zafar was dumbfounded that anyone would be so confrontational over a seat that's typically designated for expectant mothers. After a long commute and a bout with morning sickness -- which left Raayan both tired and dizzy -- she asked a gentleman in one of the priority seats on the Victoria Line Tube if he wouldn't mind giving it up.

Well, that guy was okay with it, but a man sitting next to the seat wasn't.

To the Scrooge who asked "Where's the baby?" when Raayan showed her "Baby on Board" pin, I ask, where are your manners?

People really trip me out butting into business that isn't theirs. If a man wants to give up his seat for a woman -- let alone, a pregnant woman -- why do you feel it necessary to interject? Raayan wasn't asking for your seat, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride home.

Raayan, or any other pregnant woman, shouldn't have to verify her pregnancy just to take a priority seat. Even if this expectant mom wasn't "popping at the seams" as proof, let's not get rude here. It's already bad enough that folks need a reminder to be courteous to others as is.

Maybe Raayan should've randomly cried, before vomiting, and then complaining about the smell as proof she's with child?

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I get that "Mr. Wonderful" (if you watch Shark Tank, you'll get the connection) probably didn't see Raayan's exchange with the guy who gave up his seat. And maybe he did think the other woman standing in front of the gentleman stranger should've gotten it before this mama-to-be (Raayan said another woman was about to sit there but quickly realized Raayan was going for the seat). But still, a situation like this doesn't need comments like this.

With all the road rage and craziness happening in unexpected places, it just makes sense to zip it and keep it moving -- especially when a situation doesn't involve you.

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