Parents Upset at 'PayPal' Ad That Seems to 'Out' Santa (VIDEO)

paypal santa adSomeone's on the naughty list! PayPal has angered parents who say the online payment platform is "ruining Christmas" with its latest ad in which Mom and Dad do all the shopping (online, of course), ultimately revealing there is no Santa Claus. 


The ad tells the tale of two heartbroken brothers who believe they're not going to receive any presents this Christmas because their parents aren't leaving the house to shop nor are they bringing home any bundles ...

Yikes, PayPal, what were you thinking? Talk about putting parents in the hot seat. You watch that ad with any Santa-loving 6-year-old and you're going to have some serious explaining to do. And, let's be honest, you'll probably be caught off guard and start sweating (and possibly swearing) as you try to pass it off as a really old commercial. 

"Yeah, um, I think that one was made before Santa was born," I'd most likely fumble, then try to distract them by saying, "Hey, got any Halloween candy left? Let's go eat some!" (Yes, I'm willing to add "Chocolate has magical powers of forgetting!" to the list of lies we'll foist upon the youngsters.)

For those of us who do shop online, it's hard enough to smuggle in the boxes and then hide them until we can finally wrap them, only to have to obscure them once again! C'mon, Paypal, I'm already exhausted from this ruse -- don't make my job harder!

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This commercial isn't just spoiling the illusion of Santa. Once the kids start to question the man in the big red suit, it's all over. In a matter of minutes, they'll realize the mall Easter Bunny, whose furry white lap they've sat upon for the past few years, is just some random dude who couldn't care less which candies they'd like to find in their baskets Easter morning.

They're also going to want answers about the Tooth Fairy! (If you've forgotten to put those coins under the pillow as often as I have and blamed that fictional fairy, you're in deep doo-doo now!)

Ugh. I'm not the only one who's feeling downright Grinchy toward Paypal. Take a look at how parents and other Santa fans are taking the company to task over this ad:

The crisis management elves are definitely going to be putting in some serious OT, as this guy points out:


Online shopping isn't news to anyone. While the generosity of one brother offering a toy to the other is heartwarming, it doesn't take away from the fact that this ad seems both lazy and mean-spirited. 

This lady pretty much nails it:

We have a feeling PayPal's register of complaints will be longer than any child's wish list this season!

Image via paypaluk/YouTube

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