Baby & Dogs Get Into 'Howling' Match (VIDEO)

Baby and dog howlingKids really are nonstop entertainment. Larry Woods must enjoy comedy night at his own home, and isn't afraid to tape the melodic chaos. Larry's video of his baby howling with his two dogs is enough to put a smile on your face.


All right, so you can be a stick in the mud and not think anything of this video, but it's okay to smile at a little one having fun. Larry's son sounds like a cute wolf cub that didn't want to be left out of the howling match in his living room.

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As a mommy of two under 2 -- along with two labs -- I think this is a really sweet moment. Every time I scroll through social media and see something involving a baby and a pet, I can't help but smile. Some of the best memories in life are the unscripted moments that occur.

Hopefully Larry and his family don't live super close to their neighbors (sounds of dogs barking can get annoying).


Image via Larry Woods/YouTube

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