Mom Who Shared 'IKEA Co-Sleeping Hack' Online Responds to Haters (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Boyce gives heartfelt response to Internet trolls who shamed her family for co-sleeping in IKEA hackDo you remember hearing about a Dallas, Texas, mom whose IKEA co-sleeping hack went viral? Well, her name is Elizabeth Boyce, and she's a wife and proud mama of five who's tired of the Internet's shaming because her family sleeps in the same room.


Taking to social media, the photographer and Wandering the World Below blogger had much to say in her YouTube video. Who knew that a pretty amazeballs IKEA hack -- joining multiple beds together, so this family of seven could co-sleep together -- would draw so much criticism?

"I mean, really, a conversation with BBC about a bed?" Elizabeth sarcastically says in the video.

Spoiler alert: Elizabeth feels she doesn't have to take such harsh criticism for sharing a photo on social media -- or defend why she and her husband, Thomas, choose to sleep in the same room with their five children: Zach, 11, Ben, 7, Izzy, 9, Owen, 3, and Elijah, 1.

After watching this video, I couldn't help but feel so sad for this mother -- and also, extreme anger that anyone would be subjected to such behavior. I know the Internet is wonderful for communicating and shopping, but my God, we need to act like we have home training when it comes to our words.

I agree with Elizabeth. It's important to "think about who you're talking to" when it comes to hurtful comments. The mother of five also recommends how we should all find similarities, instead of differences. There are so many ways we can connect with one another as human beings, if we take the time to find them.

These days, it seems like people are quick to take a sound bite or headline before they rush to their keyboard to throw in their two cents of judgment. Yes, Elizabeth's IKEA hack should've received attention from news outlets, but not side-eyes for why she and her family choose to sleep in one room together.

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Don't tell this mother she shouldn't have five kids because they sleep in the same room -- and don't tell Elizabeth she and her husband are abusing them. As Elizabeth says, that insinuation is insulting to children who are being abused, and to families who face horrific situations.

Did anyone stop to actually take a look at her blog, Wandering the World Below? If so, you would likely stumble across a page that reveals Elizabeth's husband, Thomas, not only had to sell his business due to a back injury from an accident, but he also had two heart attacks, several back surgeries, and a knee replacement, and found out he has a heart defect. With no insurance at times, and with Elizabeth working around the clock to keep up with bills, the Boyce family wanted to try to spend as many loving moments together as possible.

Hence, the IKEA bed hack.

I give any parent credit who takes the time to fiddle around with IKEA pieces (they're so annoying!), let alone chooses to sleep in the room with five kids. Who am I to pass judgment, or say what is or isn't best for this family?

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Elizabeth looks like a mom who's trying to do her best to keep it all together. Rather than focus on things that look different, why not celebrate the fact that a mother took time to think of something wonderful for her family?

Image via Elizabeth Boyce/YouTube

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