Teacher Draws Lewd Image on Kid's Homework to Embarrass Him Into Doing Better

Teacher draws penis on student's paperSome things in life really don't need a ton of explaining to get the picture. In this case, Sandra Green's son got the message loud and clear. Can you believe a high school teacher drew a penis on her student's assignment because he wasn't participating in class?


Yes, you read correctly. A penis. And in case you don't get what this Chapin High language arts teacher, Kim Juzdowski, was trying to say, here it is: Sandra's son was allegedly "d--king" around in class.

Now that's ballsy (sorry, not appropriate here).

You don't need a PhD to figure out this mom was dumbfounded as to why her son's teacher would think something like this would ever be appropriate. An educator herself, Sandra couldn't believe a teacher  -- especially one with 14 years' experience -- thought drawing a penis was the best way to get her point across.

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And to make matters worse, Sandra had to find out about "the penis" after her son posted a picture of the assignment on social media.

I don't know what your first reaction would be to this kind of thing, but like this El Paso, Texas, mom, mine would be disbelief. After Sandra emailed Kim about the drawing on her son's assignment, Kim's response was more along the lines of, "Yes, I did it. Sorry if he took offense, and I understand if you want him moved." The El Paso Independent School District also told Sandra that Kim won't be removed, and that if Sandra wants her son transferred to another school (with transportation provided), her petition would have to go before the school board.

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As much as I can find the humor in things, this totally crossed the line. Okay, so this high school student was ... messing around in class. Yeah, that's bad, and it should be discussed with his parents -- but drawing a huge penis over his paper isn't the way to go. How can students take their teachers seriously when they do something like this? And I do have to agree with Sandra, because if the teacher was a man, and Sandra's child a girl, I'm not too sure how many people would just laugh this off.

Who knows if Kim did something like this in the past, but she definitely seemed carefree drawing a huge penis on a student's paper. The school also doesn't seem to have an issue with it, as they likely gave her a slap on the wrist.

Look, I know teaching is a hard and challenging job. Heaven knows my patience would get tested with some students, but that doesn't mean I get a hall pass to throw my professionalism out the window. There has to be some other way to express your frustrations instead of drawing an inappropriate photo.

My question is, if the tables were turned -- and the teacher was being ... a "penis" -- would the teacher and school officials be as laid-back as they were in this case?


Image via KVIA 7 News/ABC

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