Mom Makes 6-Year-Old Son a Custom 'American Boy' Doll for His Birthday (PHOTO)

DIY 'American Boy' DollAs much as we're making strides when it comes to gender-neutral toys, one area that seems to be lacking is dolls. Gina DeMillo Wagner's little boy wanted a doll in his image -- just like his older sister -- and when she couldn't find one in stores, this mom made her 6-year-old son an "American Boy" doll that should make all toy makers stop and take note.


Leave it to a mom to find such an awesome solution!

Miles is a 6-year-old who only wanted two things for his birthday: some Legos, and an American Girl doll that looked like him. Too bad Gina couldn't find one -- but it made her think outside the ordinary doll box. Thanks to quick thinking and a little Internet shopping, this mama was able to create an 18-inch doll that was in Miles's likeness.

As you can see, the Madame Alexander doll Gina found on eBay went from a cheerleader to a cool little boy.

DIY 'American Boy' Doll
Needless to say, Miles loves his doll -- whom he named Fred Jones.

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Just looking at the end result, it's hard to remember Gina didn't purchase the doll in a store. Gina breaks down her less-than-$50 doll transformation on her site, which hopefully will empower more parents to do the same with their sons.

I. Love. This.

As someone who used to be the owner of an Addy doll, I understand that American Girl tells the story of little girls throughout history (they're fictitious, but a pretty cool way to learn about the past). But does that mean no major doll maker can have a little something something for the young gents who want one too?

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Sure, we had Cabbage Patch dolls back in the day (if only I could find mine), but now there are so many fun customization options that it's only natural for girls and boys to want a "mini me."

I'm happy Gina was able to find a doll that resembled her son Miles, and make the necessary adjustments to transform her into Fred.



Image courtesy of Gina DeMillo Wagner

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