8-Year-Old's Letter Asking Bully to Be Friends Is So Inspiring Principal Reads It Over School Intercom

Nicolas Neesley might be in the third grade at Jennings Elementary School in Michigan, but he is tired of people being bullied -- including himself. While attempting to break up an incident, Nicolas was spit on and called a name. That's when this 8-year-old wrote a letter to bullies in his school, asking for friendship and to be more respectful.



After reporting the incident to a teacher and his parents, Nicolas took a week to think long and hard about his next steps. Fed up with seeing "five kids every week" get hurt in some way by a bully, Nicolas was ready to take action. Rather than choose fists, the 8-year-old utilized a pencil and paper to write a letter to all bullies at his school.

The elementary school principal read Nicolas's note over the loud speaker (his identity was kept anonymous) for all to hear.

Here's what Nicolas wrote:

Dear School,

  You don't have to bully. If you don't have any friends just make a friend it's very simple. But you already have a friend, us. We will help you we will be

1. Respectful

2. Responsible

3. Caring

to you.

PS - No more. Stop the bullying.


Nic Neesley

Nicolas is only 8 and realizes that hurt people hurt people. It's so horrifying to think that any child -- let alone person, for that matter -- would be spit on and subjected to this kind of treatment. Things are out of control in this society. As parents, we need to do better to help ensure our children are the solution to the problem, and not a part of it.

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I commend Nicolas's parents, Shamayne and Mark Neesley, for raising such a kindhearted little boy. At age 8, he has made the choice to not only stand up to those who try to instill fear (he even prays for bullies!), but also to try to help those who suffer from bullying. Forgiveness does not come easy ... at all. The fact that Nicolas is willing to extend an olive branch to those who bully shows signs of maturity some adults don't even have.

Keep up the good work, kid. Hopefully, your letter will speak to those who feel it necessary to hurt others.


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