4-Year-Old Gives Her Dad a Tattoo … Like a Real, Permanent One With a Needle (PHOTO)

4-year-old tats dadFor parents, it's only natural to encourage your child to be creative. Some kids might paint, while others build with Legos. Brad Bellomo's little girl has upgraded from coloring book to permanent ink. Can you believe this 4-year-old girl gave her dad a tattoo?


While some might gasp at the idea of a little girl giving a real tattoo (it's not every day you hear about something like this), let's try to put things in perspective a bit. For starters, Brad is the owner of 3rd Eye Tattoo in Largo, Florida. As you can see, Brad isn't scared of needles and can appreciate the artistic nature of tattoos.

This daddy/daughter team had a practice run not too long ago, where Brad showed 4-year-old Chloe the ropes of safely giving a tattoo -- including how to hold and control the machine. Seeing as Chloe listened to his direction, Brad decided his daughter was ready for the real thing.

The result is a cute strawberry tat on Brad's right arm.

Last week I posted a picture of what looked like chloe tattooing me... There was no needle and it was more of a test to...

Posted by Bob- Tat on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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Even though I'm ink-free (I'm a prude ... okay, so I'm scared of needles!), I don't think Brad is a horrible dad who abused his kid just because he allowed Chloe to give him a tattoo. Oh yes, some people think it's child abuse.

It's pretty obvious little Chloe had a good time and, more importantly, was properly taught by an expert. Seeing as Brad is the owner of a tattoo shop, something like this doesn't really strike me as odd. One would also assume that Chloe isn't going to go around the playground giving her friends tats.

Parents have been known to get tattoos of their children's drawings, so this approach is definitely more personal. I can only imagine the memory Chloe will have of this experience every time she sees her strawberry tattoo on her daddy's arm. Does this mean I would let my kids give me a tat? No. Then again, I'm not a professional tattoo artist (hey, still scared of needles over here).

I can dig it.


Image via Bob-Tat/Facebook

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