This Toddler Doesn't Have a 'Thigh Gap' So Why All the Fuss? (PHOTO)

thigh gap babyHas the practice of Photoshopping away every human flaw in ads finally spread to the infant and toddler market? According to one mom who's pretty sure the baby in a Huggies diaper ad has a digitally enhanced thigh gap, the answer is "yes" -- but this could be much ado about nothing.


California-based mom Melody was so taken aback by the slim tot pictured in an email she received from the diaper company that she posted a screenshot to Reddit with the message "Is it just me or did this Huggies ad photoshop a thigh gap on a toddler?"

Hmmm, did they? Quite a few Reddit users agreed with Melody, making comments like "How icky, changing a baby's body! The shaming begins that early, ugh" and "Yeah, that looks off"; others, however, offered such common sense observations as "Sometimes toddlers stand with their knees touching and it makes them look awkward" and "If you look closely the diaper is just folded and bunched weirdly between baby's legs giving that illusion." So which camp is right? Let's examine the evidence:


Personally, I think Melody and the other thigh gap conspiracists are jumping to some serious conclusions here. Like adults, toddlers and babies come in all shapes and sizes -- not all of them are puffy little marshmallow monsters (like my babies happened to be). Some are long and lanky, some are tiny little peanuts, others are big all around. Isn't assuming that this child was digitally altered also a sort of twisted form of body shaming? Like, toddlers can't have a thigh gap because they're all supposed to fit some chubby cherub stereotype?

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Huggies, for their part, denies altering the image. A spokesperson for the company told HuffPost UK Parents:

"We can assure you that we did not alter the natural shape of the baby’s body in the creation of the ad referred to. We realize all babies are different and celebrate those differences in our photography and communications."

I actually think they're telling the truth. And they're right! Babies ARE different. And they should be celebrated! Thigh gap or no thigh gap. Obviously!


Image via spittingpigeon / Imgur

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