Nurses Invent New C-Section Drape So Mom Can Bond With Baby Right Away (PHOTO)

C-section birthWomen who have a Cesarean don't often get the chance to hold their bundle of joy right after delivery. In efforts to keep the operating room sterilized and allow Mom to be with her child, three nurses created a C-section drape that grants immediate skin-to-skin contact.


Deborah Burbic, Jess Niccoli, and Kimberly Jarrelle are the wonderful women behind the Skin to Skin C-Section Drape, a new invention that allows doctors to pass a baby through a resealable flap to the mother and then close it, to keep the surgical site sterile. Using the highest grade of surgical drape, the Skin to Skin C-Section Drape is quite resistant, and even allows for Mom to view her birth through the portal.

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Collectively, these ladies have over 50 years in the nursing game -- specifically in labor and delivery -- and thought of every loophole possible to make this perfect for the operating room. Needless to say, when nurses come together, good things can happen.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

In many ways, this new drape is groundbreaking and one of a kind. Yes, there are clear drapes that allow Mom to "see" the baby, but nothing that gives her the chance to hold her pride and joy right after surgery. These nurses have seen the amazing benefits of skin-to-skin contact after vaginal deliveries, and they wanted to provide a resource that would allow mothers who have a C-section to get the same opportunity.

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I don't know about you, but I'm all for products that help mothers. Many mom friends of mine have had C-sections and never got the chance to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with their babies. Yes, some facilities are all for the "gentle Cesarean" that allows for this bonding time, but not all are (for various reasons). Even if it's for a moment, or a few minutes, at least mothers can love on their little ones before the child heads off to the warmer.

Hopefully medical centers will embrace new products that maintain the sterile integrity of the operating room and allow for a few barriers to come down so Mom can enjoy her baby.


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