Boy Knocks Girl Off Bike & the Internet Screams 'Sexual Harassment!' (VIDEO)

boy throws basketball girl bikeA neighborhood scuffle caught on video has commenters fuming at a young kid for sexually harassing and assaulting a neighbor girl. The kid was caught on video throwing a basketball at a girl on a bike when she responded to his greeting of "Hey ladies" with a hearty F-you.


It was an ugly few seconds that have really struck a nerve with people online.

Commenters are going nuts calling the kid a "little punk" and saying he deserves a smackdown for catcalling the girls and then assaulting one girl when he didn't get the response he wanted.

"So if a girl turns you down in any way, you hurt her?" Jay Nelson wrote to another commenter defending the boy. "You suck, dude haha no wonder girls wouldn't want you."

Others took up the kid's defense, but they were definitely in the minority.

"If a guy got hit on the bike, no one would care," another commenter wrote.

Commenter Sean Saldana wrote, "It's not okay to hurt somebody because they aren't interested in interacting with you or because they are rude." 

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But is the online mob a little too quick to cry "sexual harassment"?  After the boy throws the basketball and realizes he's knocked the girl off her bike, he stands there stunned and frozen. The other kid outside with him just turns and runs like hell. They hardly appear to be hardened harassers out on the prowl. Seems more like a terrible accident.

Regardless of your reaction, you have to concede, we really have no idea what's going on. Maybe the girls have been bullying this kid for years? Maybe not. But do we have enough information to label him a sexual harasser? Seems a little harsh.

But commenter Marco Sanchez sees this incident as a clear-cut assault.

"You don't do that to a woman," Sanchez wrote."You don't do that to a woman. You. Don't. Physically. Assault. A. Woman. Enough said."

The point that girls should have every right to ride their bikes in their neighborhood without being catcalled or injured is certainly a solid one. We do need to protect our girls and educate boys on what's appropriate behavior and what's over the line. And regardless of his original intention, I bet this kid thinks twice before he yells "Hey ladies" at anyone.

But calling him names and accusing him of having some misogynist agenda seems like an awfully big leap. He was a kid out hotdogging with a basketball in front of the camera who had a stupid reaction to having his pride injured. Probably nothing more than that. So maybe we could take it a little easier on him. But as we all know, trying to reason with someone in the comments section is usually a pretty futile effort.

Let's hope everyone involved has learned a lesson from the ugly incident. And that the mother of the girl on the bike has a big old bottle of Bactine at home. Ouch.

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