1-Pound Preemie Kept in Sandwich Bag to Stay Alive Defies All Odds (PHOTO)

Baby born at 28 weeks, kept alive in sandwich bagThe birth of a child is truly a miracle. After experiencing complications with her pregnancy, Sharon Grant was forced to deliver her baby girl at just 28 weeks back in May. Pixie Griffiths-Grant weighed a little over a pound when she was born, and she was so small, doctors had to put the baby inside a sandwich bag to keep her alive.


The 37-year-old U.K. mother had to wait hours after her emergency C-section before she could go to the NICU to see Pixie. Another 18 days would follow before Sharon and Pixie's father, Edward Griffiths, were even allowed to touch their precious child. Thankfully, Pixie was finally able to make it home, but only after spending three months in an incubator, enduring 10 blood transfusions, and battling infection after infection.

In case you couldn't tell, Pixie is a fighter, who's now a 5-month-old and weighs close to eight pounds.

It's so crazy to think a common sandwich bag is what helped this baby stay alive. Thanks to quick thinking, doctors were able to keep Pixie's temperature up, which allowed her to defy the odds (doctors only thought she would live for an hour, likely less).

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I'm so happy that Pixie is at home with her mother and getting stronger (she can't have visitors out of fear of her getting ill, but she continues to breathe on her own). Her story is nothing short of a miracle, with thus far a wonderful ending. In fact, this is just the beginning of Pixie and her family's journey, as they will likely have so many memories full of love and laughter.

You hear stories about pregnancy complications (Sharon says doctors noticed Pixie stopped growing around 20 weeks and wasn't getting the proper nourishment in the womb) and premature births, but to see a photo like this ... Wow. Even though Pixie now resembles a 2-month-old in size, to think she was once smaller than the palm of her mom's hand is mind-blowing.

Keep fighting, Pixie.


Image via Planet Kidz/Facebook

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