Dad Attacked Online for Building 2-Year-Old Son a Play Kitchen

People can be so cruel that you have to wonder why their home training went out the window the second they discovered a computer. Andrew Hook is beyond pissed after Internet trolls called his 2-year-old son a homophobic slur, all because little Owen enjoys kitchenware.


Let me give that to you one more time: Grown adults called 2-year-old Owen a "f--got" because his liking kitchen playsets will "turn him gay."


None of us should be amazed at the level of stupidity our society has, but targeting a child, a toddler, with such hurtful words is downright disgusting. Seriously, who the heck spends their day trolling for things online before deciding, "Yup, I'ma give this 2-year-old and his family a piece of my mind"?

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I see nothing wrong with Andrew creating this kitchen playset out of an old entertainment center for his son's second birthday. If you request food each day, why can't you practice your skills in the kitchen -- especially if you enjoy helping your parents cook?!

Kitchen playset from an old entertainment center my wife and I made for my son's 2nd birthday.

Andrew deserves a gold star for a.) spending $19.99 at the Goodwill to create this DIY masterpiece (um, have you seen the cost of toys today?), and b.) not tapping into his emergency fund to get the bail money he'd need, after he found out where these jokers lived. I think "f--k you" was very kind, given the situation...

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I swear, people today will test your patience to no end, and while I do agree in the importance of letting things roll off your back, this right here is deplorable.

There are so many popular male chefs who likely had an Easy-Bake Oven or some sort of kitchen-friendly toy growing up. Thank goodness their parents didn't tell them kitchen sets were only for women, and vice versa for girls being told certain items are only for boys.

My 1 1/2-year-old loves watching me cook in the kitchen, and he also has fun cleaning (he's a wizard with the mop). I've thought about getting him a kitchen playset so he can whip up something "plastically delicious" for us to enjoy. Should he not play with kitchen playsets because he's a boy? As much as I love cooking for my family, this mama isn't going to follow him around his entire life just so I can whip up a meal when he needs one. If he's going to survive, he better learn sooner than later how to boil some water, and use a slow-cooker -- or land a job that affords him the luxury of ordering take-out three times a day.

Boys playing with kitchen playsets with "turn you gay"...

Don't make me get my spatula.


Image via sixstringhook/Imgur

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