Mom's Thank-You to Skateboarder Who Helped Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Goes Viral (PHOTO)

little girl at skate parkIt's always great to be nice; you never know whose day it will brighten. Ontario mom Jeanean Thomas is praising a teen's random act of kindness toward her daughter at a skate park. Not only did he take time to make the 6-year-old feel included, but he also gave her tips on how to be a better skateboarder. As you might expect, this sort of treatment would make any parent smile.



Like most, 29-year-old Jeanean was in "mom mode" as she took her daughter Peyton to the skate park. With no other small kids in sight, and a group of teenage boys smoking and cursing, Peyton was very nervous. Hoping to put to rest any gender stereotypes her little girl felt (Peyton has always wanted to try skateboarding, but didn't think girls did that sort of thing), Jeanean encouraged her to give it a try, with an old skateboard she owned.

I can only imagine the quasi-showdown that happened as little Peyton made her way from the sidelines to the ramp. Some teens likely noticed her, and some probably didn't care. While intimidation was racing through the 6-year-old -- likely faster than someone zipping down the half-pipe -- a Good Samaritan came in the form of an anonymous teen. Not only did this unnamed teenager spend an hour with Peyton, but he also helped to correct her form and give her tips, even if it meant hearing a few laughs from others.

He could've shooed her away, but instead, he showed her how to be a cool kid on a skateboard.

Needless to say, Jeanean was so happy about the exchange that she took to social media to try to find out who he is (she did say she thanked him in person) -- all the while celebrating his kindness.

What I love about this story is not just the gender stereotypes Jeanean helped put to rest with her daughter Peyton (yes, even mommies have skateboards -- I do too), but also the preconceived notions Jeanean had in her head about teens, and even about those who spend time at the skate park. Yes, teenagers can and will have raging hormones, but not all are mean-spirited. Hopefully this story will serve as a lesson for all of us not to automatically assume the worst, in both people and situations.

You just might be pleasantly surprised.

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As a mommy of two little ones under 2, I'll admit that it's easy to feel your inner Hulk rise up inside, as you only want to protect your child. I'm glad that rather than storm the skateboard ramps to scold a group of teens, Jeanean was able to hold it together to see how things would play out -- and my, how they did for the better.

It looks like Jeanean was successful in locating the anonymous teen, thanks to social media. His parents should pat themselves on the back, as they raised a nice individual who took time to help someone he didn't even know ... and for an hour at that.


Image via Jeanean Thomas/Twitter

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