Mom Shares Bittersweet Photo of Her 3 Kids on the Day They’re Buried (VIDEO)

There aren't enough words to express the amount of sorrow you feel for parents who bury their child. Unfortunately, this was a reality that Jennifer Neville-Lake and her husband Ed faced as they laid their three children to rest. Yet, even in the midst of so much pain, Jennifer shared a beautiful video of her kids on the day they were buried that will live on forever.


Celebrating 10 years of marriage on October 2, Jennifer and Ed looked forward to a performance from their children -- Daniel, 9, Harrison, 5, and Milly, 2 -- that would've received a standing ovation. They practiced for months, and judging by the video, they had so much fun doing it.

Sadly, they would never get the opportunity, as their lives, along with Jennifer's 65-year-old father's, were taken in late September by a 29-year-old driver who's suspected of driving drunk -- and now facing charges. Jennifer's grandmother and mom (she was the driver) were also involved in the crash, but are recovering from their injuries.

As you can see, Daniel, Harrison ("Harry"), and Milly were a lively bunch that liked to have fun. Daniel had some pretty sweet break-dancing moves and looked like an awesome brother who knew how to round up the troops.

From Jennifer Neville-Lake:(reposted with her blessing)

Posted by Support for Neville-Lake Family on Saturday, October 17, 2015

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While I'm thankful Jennifer and her family have such a beautiful memory of these precious children, I can only imagine the amount of pain they're dealing with, as they cope with such an unthinkable loss. No one ever wants to think of his or her child in any pain (Harry and Milly died holding hands, and Jennifer's mom sang to the kids before she was taken to the hospital), so hopefully this video can serve as a form of comfort as the Neville-Lake family continues to navigate through their emotions.

I believe in community and think it's amazing how people -- who don't even know this family personally -- come together to offer their condolences, and share in the memory of these beautiful children.


Image via Support for Neville-Lake Family/Facebook

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