3-Year-Old Points Out Her Dad's 'Shrinkage' in Public Bathroom

public restroomYou know how people say it's not good to laugh at someone else's expense? Yeah, that goes out the window -- or bathroom stall -- with this story. A dad of three who goes by the name "Darwinian Monkey" on Reddit was completely embarrassed after his 3-year-old daughter yelled he has a little penis in a public restroom.


Can you imagine how this dad felt after his child loudly said this, and knowing there were other people in the bathroom? Sure, it was harmless, but likely extremely embarrassing!

Having to take his little girl to the men's room, as many fathers do, this dad thought nothing of it. He quickly realized after covering the toilet seat for his daughter to use that he, in fact, had to tinkle. Everything seemed to be going according to plan (she was in the corner of the stall as he peed), until others entered the mom-and-pop restaurant bathroom -- prompting his little girl to move a little closer to her daddy.

"Daddy! Look at your little penis!"


Seriously, though, what would you do in this situation?

As you might've guessed, the guys who overheard this dad's little girl started laughing, but who cares what strangers think about you, right? After all, it would've been weird if the father rushed out the stall to clarify his penis size. Then again, I too probably wouldn't come out of the bathroom stall until everyone left.

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It's great how honest kids can be, but my goodness, talk about the wrong place and time -- haha. I can only imagine Dad's attempt to laugh off the situation, as I'm sure he was probably like, What the heck.

Poor Dad.

You do have to give this 3-year-old some credit for using the correct terminology, but now this dad is questioning why she called his penis little. I highly doubt she has a frame of reference, learned it on Sesame Street, or tried to hurt his feelings. Still, it all sounds pretty embarrassing.

There's a pretty good chance she forgot about what happened, but as for Dad, this might take some time to let go.


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