4-Year-Old Obsessed With CVS Gets Birthday Party of Her Dreams (PHOTOS)

Planning a child's birthday party can sometimes take as much effort as the White House Correspondents' Dinner. You need just the right amount of press to have a good turnout, along with a theme that will turn heads. Luckily for mom Sarah Fortune Gill, all she had to do was listen to her daughter, as the now-4-year-old wanted a CVS-style birthday.


The Arkansas mom's little girl has been infatuated with CVS ever since the one in their community opened up years ago. Sarah shares on her website how much Iris loves the pharmacy chain and the ways she prepared for her little girl's fourth birthday party. After all, it's not every day that you hear about a kid wanting to center their born-day bash around shopping carts, snacks, and ExtraCare cards (I think we've finally moved on from Frozen).

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Putting a few DIY skills to use, Sarah was able to transform a small area at a local park into the perfect CVS-inspired birthday experience. As you can see, little Iris had no problem taking care of the register (sorry, no refunds on that birthday gift). There were also fun CVS employee name tags at the event, and an awesome birthday cake inspired by the pharmacy's logo.

What's even more awesome is that CVS headquarters heard about Iris's party and provided the supplies and favors to make it even more authentic (dibs on those Gold Emblem cookies!). Their local store even celebrated Iris's event on their sign out front.

Now that's epic.

TODAY'S THE DAY! ps - how awesome is my mom for making this happen?

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I love birthday party ideas that go against the grain. Sure, shindigs with a Disney character or some popular cartoon are nice, but you have to give Sarah some major points in the creativity department. Who would ever think about turning something as simple as a pharmacy into a memorable occasion? There were so many details -- including adult "prescription pill" favors (they're really Tic Tacs) -- that truly took things to the next level.

It's the little things that make life memorable.


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