Mom Discovers 16-Month-Old Daughter Is Butt of Sick Cancer Joke Online (VIDEO)

You might want to take another look at your social media privacy settings; you never know who's using your photos without your permission. Sadly, this happened to mom Ashton Hamner, who wants to use her story to warn parents.


The Alabama mother was completely dumbfounded when she discovered photos of her 16-month-old daughter were turned into memes about cancer.

Seriously, who ever thinks sharing a precious photo of a little one would turn into a sick joke?

Now I'm all for memes and a good laugh, but this goes way beyond the line. Children battling cancer is no laughing matter (at all), so why the heck would someone take time out of their day to use a photo that wasn't theirs, and turn it into something so incredibly cruel? Are you reading what I'm reading? The fact that a person thinks a parent would be happy to "get their life back" after finding out their child has a disease is so wrong on so many levels.

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And what the heck is so funny about a toddler with a little bit of hair? This further lets me know the creator doesn't have any children.

As much as I love to waste precious time flipping through Facebook or Instagram, this is one of the reasons why I keep certain shares between friends and family. Now if we aren't "friends," the most you'll see is an inspirational quote, funny GIF, or random image of something I made. When it comes to photos of my kids, I try my best to keep those between people I know (even when you go HAM on privacy settings, it doesn't always guarantee things will in fact be private). Should I happen to ever come across an image of my child on a meme, I know the folks I need to visit.

Matter fact, let me triple check my privacy settings right now ...


Image via WIAT News

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