Little Boy Covered in Blue Frosting Most Definitely Did Not Eat a Cupcake (VIDEO)

Kids. You gotta love 'em. Dave T. Koenig's son Jack couldn't bear to tell the truth, and so the little boy lied about eating a cupcake. Well, little guy, the proof is actually still on your face.


Even though Dave caught his little boy red-handed (okay, technically he was blue in the face), Jack couldn't bring himself to admit he ate a cupcake on the down low. With blue icing up to his nose, Jack  continues to protest his innocence.

All right, so I get we're supposed to teach our children to tell the truth (that's a biggie from the parenting manual), but can't we just enjoy this?

I don't know about you, but I have a HUGE sweet tooth and often find myself trying to sneak everything from Twizzlers to M&Ms around my home. My husband has caught me numerous times eating something questionable.

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"Babe, what are you eating?"

"Hopes and dreams" (as I continue to chew).

"Mmhmm, looks like a Snickers to me."

Jack, I feel ya. Cupcakes might not be nutritious, but they sure as heck are delicious. Next time, don't lie.


Image via Dave T. Koenig/YouTube

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