Dad's Notes Explaining Why His Kids Are Late for School Are Sheer Brilliance (PHOTOS)

No matter how hard you try in life, it's almost guaranteed you will be late for something. At least kids can look to their parents for an excuse should they not make it before the bell rings (if only we could do the same at work), but this dad's late notes are beyond funny -- taking things to a whole new level.


Seth King is the father of five children (Isabella, 15, Carson, 13, Sophia, 10, Nolan, 6, and Liam, 3) and, quite frankly, a creative genius when it comes to thinking up late notes. Rather than write the same ol' "I'm sorry my kids weren't in their seats before the bell rang, I'm a horrible parent" note, Seth has found a way to have a little fun.

May I present to you LateNotes, an Instagram account dedicated to all the witty and embarrassing excuses Seth has written to explain his children's tardiness. And don't think for a second this Dad isn't afraid to use a hashtag or two at the ends of his notes.




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At least they're learning about politics, which will be great for social studies.


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As someone who was late quite a bit (I went to school outside my county), I wish Seth could've hooked my mom up with ideas. Yes, the goal is to get your child to school on time so you can hang his or her "Perfect Attendance" on the refrigerator, but things can happen. I can only imagine how early this family needs to wake up to try to make it out the door on time (five kids is no joke). There's bound to be someone who needs a late note.

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School officials must crack up when they get Seth's notes, as they're pretty clever -- and definitely score some points in the originality department. Hey, it beats receiving a Xerox copy of the same late note over and over again.

Maybe I'll try this once my kids are school-age, as I'm sure it might make them get it together a little faster. Mama has a pen and she's not afraid to use it!


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