If Moms Talked to Each Other Like We Talk to Our Kids, Here's What Would Happen (VIDEO)

Being a mother is ingrained so much in who you are that it might slip out -- like if you're out with one of your gals. This viral video of moms talking to each other like they do to their kids has received both laughs -- and criticism.


It's the time to speak now, or forever hold your peace. You've done some of these before, haven't you?

It's okay, you're in a safe place.

Mom friends Megan Grano, Laurel Coppock, and Molly Erdman got together to tape a funny comedy about things moms can and probably do without even knowing it. Whether it's telling your bestie to stop reusing a dirty napkin, or randomly telling her how pretty she looks (it's good to raise self-esteem), some of these just might hit home.

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Obviously, these moms exaggerated things for the sake of a laugh, so I think we can cut them a wee bit of slack. I thought the video had some funny moments -- including things I may or may not be guilty of doing myself (I can get crazy with the hand sanitizer sometimes). There were also moments that would make me side-eye my friend if she ever did that -- like try to ssh me ... and actually be serious about it (no ma'am).

As much as I get the humor, I know there are plenty of comments left by viewers who think the video reveals annoying mom habits that need to stop -- and just how rudely some parents can treat their kids.

How you raise your child is your personal choice, and will also depend on your kid's personality. Some little ones get the message loud and clear the first time, without your having to repeat yourself. Others are a bit more spirited, shall we say, and might need quite a few refresher courses from the class "When mommy tells you to do something, you better do it." That might come in the form of being more stern, or telling them in another language (hey, things might get lost in translation).

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I don't think the intention was to have a town meeting about parenting decisions, but to simply put a mirror to how moms can sometimes forget when they're speaking to adults. As harmless as we think our actions are, we can go a little overboard on occasions. We don't need to be on mom duty all the time, especially when wine is involved.

Given how my dad laughs at me every time he visits, I know I might need to scale back. Hey, vegetables are important, and should be on your plate. I don't mean to be a mom, or treat him like a kid (his health requires a certain diet, and I try to help him stick to it).

Sorry, Pops


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