Very Pregnant Woman Teaches a Dance Class & Haters Come Out of the Woodwork (VIDEO)

At some point, we need to get out of one another's uterus so we can allow the owner to make the best decision for herself. Christina Litle is a mom of two, with one on the way, who clearly stays active. Yet, this woman is being chastised for dancing while pregnant.


I don't know Christina personally, but I can tell this isn't her first rodeo when it comes to working out with a bun in the oven. Mom to Lailah, 5, and Lynlee, 3, Christina owns a photography company and is a dance teacher at her alma mater, Napa High (going 11 years strong), in California.

Christina is currently 27 weeks pregnant with her third child.

One would think any mother who chooses to stay active while pregnant would only do it if she knew it was okay, and yet, people can't seem to be quiet about Christina's decision to lead this dance class.

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Seriously, the time has come to end this "war on pregnancy fitness." I can't tell you how much I hate hearing about people who think they know better than the mom-to-be -- or doctor for that matter. I applaud Christina for keeping up with her fitness (she said she taped herself dancing, as it might be one of the last times she can during the remainder of this pregnancy). Trust me when I say, it isn't easy.

Like Christina, I was active during both of my pregnancies. Whether I was lifting weights, doing Zumba, or running, I enjoyed exercising -- all the way up to week 40. If you're able to do physical activity while pregnant, it can not only be a major stress reliever, but it can also help remove aches and pains. I'd like to think it had something to do with labor and delivery, as I was able to have unmedicated births with both of my boys (seven hours to deliver my firstborn, and under three for my second). No one says you have to bust a move while pregnant, but don't try to make someone feel bad who wants to.

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While the majority of comments have been nothing but supportive on Christina's video, I can't help but wonder why some people think they know a person's body better than that person does -- or why they would even waste a second of air to throw shade. Can we not celebrate this pregnant woman, or at the very least think it's no big deal to work out?

Christina, girl, you did that!


Image via Christina Litle/YouTube

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