Profane Sexual Audio Gets Blasted Over Target Loud Speakers During 'Mommy & Me' Shopping Day (VIDEO)

It's only inevitable for kids to learn about "touchy" subjects, like sex -- but does that mean they need to hear it loud and clear? Moms shopping at a Target in San Jose, California, were outraged when they heard porn blaring over Target's PA system. And if that wasn't bad enough, it didn't stop for about 15 minutes.


With a Mommy & Me group meeting in the shopping center, you can already see where this was headed. Target was full of shoppers that awkward day -- including parents with their children who couldn't believe their ears. Gina Young is a mother of twin 3-year-old boys who started recording the incident with her video camera.

Warning: The Facebook video you're about to see has erotic language that's not appropriate for kids, or the workplace (you might want to grab some headphones). Viewer discretion is advised.

This happened today at Target in Campbell, CA. Porn blasting over the intercom throughout the store. People offered to help me cover my twins ears. Others threw there stuff down and walked out. Employees were running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked....for about two minutes before it started up again. People were screaming at employees, video taping, some laughing some disgusted. It was terribly awkward.

Posted by Gina Young on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

There's no word on who did this or why, but the folks on Target's corporate side don't think this is a laughing matter (the employees at this San Jose area location did, and started filming the event with their phones) and are looking into the matter. The store manager gave shoppers an apology ... after the track/video stopped playing.

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When I first heard about Target blasting a porno over the PA system, I thought to myself, Someone either got fired, or quit. There's no way an employee in his or her right mind would skip over a Taylor Swift song to put a mic to a skin flick. No way!

Apparently, I was wrong.

If I was one of the parents at this Target, I wouldn't know what to think. I probably would have some childish look on my face as I tried to keep my eyes in my head while navigating the aisles.

You aren't supposed to hear porn while shopping the Threshold collection!

I'll admit, thinking about a porn playing as you shop sounds kinda funny (who knows, maybe people have it playing in the background when they make online purchases), but actually seeing the footage Gina posted makes me put my mommy hat back on.

Thankfully, my kiddos are both under 2 (they barely know what a crayon is), but boy oh boy can I imagine what some parents had to deal with. Seeing as this went on for 15 minutes, if it truly bothered me, I would've hightailed it out of there. Then again, sometimes I shop with my headphones to listen to music (ah, those rare occasions when I'm kid-free) -- so there's a good chance I wouldn't have heard a thing.

Regardless, playing porn in a place like Target is a no-no. Rather than ask for another apology, I would want my "I'm sorry" to come in the form of a gift card (just sayin').


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